Do You Have A Claim?
Investors lose billions of dollars every year at the hands of unethical and negligent financial professionals who abuse their clients trust and confidence.
Common claims in securities arbitrations include excessive trading, unsuitability, fraud, negligence, and unauthorized trading.
Your financial advisor is responsible for properly structuring and managing your portfolio.  We will take action against them, and other responsible parties if they fail to do so.  Stock Loss Recovery, LLC. will review all relative account documents and determine your losses.  We use a proprietary software toolset with the utmost level of data integrity to perform a comprehensive investment analysis.  Our forensic reports will quantify your portfolio and help to determine if you have a case.

Overview Of Our Services

Statement of Claim

A written statement of the claimant, in which he/she must state their case: the facts on which they intend to rely upon and the relief they seek.  Stock Loss Recovery, LLC. will work closely with the attorney to file the required paperwork to proceed with your claim.

Standard Profit & Loss (P&L)

We provide a set of 15 separate reports that are designed to provide a detailed review of the portfolio activity during the time frame being examined.

Preliminary Account Evaluation

This report provides a snapshot of the account performance with a bottom line figure.

Special Analysis

A set of analysis and reports that are generated to provide more detailed data for the investigation.  Some examples of this type of analyses include: Solicited/Unsolicited Analysis, Realized/Unrealized Analysis, Combined P&L, Daily P&L, Performance Analysis, Concentration Analysis, What-if Scenarios, Risk Exposure Analysis, Well Managed Theory, and Option Strategy Analysis.

Expert Witness Testimony

Stock Loss Recovery, LLC. stands behind it's reports and will testify in regards to the validity of the results and procedures used to obtain them.

Special Data Services

Comparative analyses offer a direct comparison between two P&L analyses.  This analysis typically compares reports prepared by claimant and respondent, revealing any differences in results.  When report conflicts are noted, an explanation/reason for the conflicting data will be provided.

Professional Analysis & Case Preparation
Once your case is evaluated and you elect to proceed in pursuing claims against a broker and/or brokerage firm, Stock Loss Recovery, LLC. prepares your file for arbitration.  We will analyze your account documents, prepare witness testimony and review proposed mediators and arbitrators who help determine the results of your case.  With over 20 years of stockbroker experience and industry insight enables us to gather the facts surrounding a loss which builds credibility for claims that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.
We Make It Worth Pursuing
Stock Loss Recovery, LLC. makes it worthwhile to pursue claims that are $50,000 or less.  These claims were typically ignored and not pursued.  Simplified claims do not require you to appear.
Our retainer will include:
  • Filing fees
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Damages Expert Case Summary
We will show you the strengths and any weakness of your case before you even proceed.  We are a consulting firm and not attorneys, or a law firm so you do not pay hourly fees.
In the traditional model claims over $50,000 have cost investors $25,000-$40,000, and up to pursue.